Feliz reunião para celebrar o Festival das Lanternas

The lights of the Chinese New Year’s Eve have not yet faded. The first full moon of the new year is about to rise to celebrate the Lantern Festival.   It is the first full moon night of the Year of the Rabbit. Spring is warm and the moon is like a plate. On the afternoon of February 4, on the occasion of this festive season, Ningbo Seetronic had arranged intensively a “Beautiful Gathering, Lantern Festival Reunion”.

Small rice balls which conveys deep love was served and enjoyed by all employees followed by a riddle activity.  The content of the lantern riddle covers all kinds of cultural knowledge, which is both informative and interesting.  Everyone actively participated and small gifts were given to lucky people who answered correctly the riddle question.  This event created a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, enriched everyone’s festive cultural life, and wished everyone a happy Lantern Festival!

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