Líderes da Associação Chinesa de Tecnologia de Equipamentos para Artes Cênicas Escritório de Zhejiang visitam a Seetronic pela primeira vez

The visit was composed of two parts: a conference discussion and a factory tour. In the symposium, Qian Shufei, International Sales Executive, presented to the leaders the development history of Seetronic company, the core business segment based on acoustic-optoelectronic connectors and cables, as well as the company’s successful product application which made a heavy-impact in the industry, such as the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Hangzhou Asian Games.

During the meeting GM Hong Junbiao said: “We would like to build a high-level regular interaction with industry experts and professional users and the needs of customers are the direction we are moving forward.  We hope that in the future, we will continue to make progress in the communication with the association. ”

In behalf of CETA visiting officials, Zhejiang Office Deputy Director Zhang Yong have expressed a high degree of recognition to Seetronic company. In addition, Secretary-General Xu Jianfa said that as a bridge in the industry, the association has rich resources in the field of supply chain, professional market, industry experts, etc., and hopes to go deep into the majority of enterprises and do a good job in the industry and bridge work for everyone. Moreover, Deputy Director Zhang Yong discussed and exchanged views on the development direction of the industry and the market trends at home and abroad, hoping that domestic brands will continue to improve the share of products in the international market through excellent technical capabilities and product strength, so that global users can be familiar with and use our products.

In the factory tour, the leaders of the association had a comprehensive and understanding of the various workshops of Seetronic company such as automation, assembly and cable workshops and commended a high level manufacturing technology to the company.

At the end of the visit, CETA officials made a warm invitation to Seetronic company to participate and interact on the various activities of the association, hoping to establish closer ties with colleagues in the industry and seek common development and mutual benefit and win-win results.

SEETRONIC é uma empresa tecnologicamente inovadora focada no desenvolvimento de sistemas de conexão elétrica de médio a alto padrão.
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